New A26 Engine From Navistar Shows Promise

A New Engine, A New Era

Navistar debuted it’s new engine in early 2017 and haven’t been able to keep it a secret since. Full of passion and precision, the new A26 engine is the customer-driven engine and provides the maximum uptime. It is as simple as a modern engine can be, and it’s easy to service features not only provides the most force on the road, it reduces the time in the shop.

The A26 engine is the remedy to International’s Maxxforce engine fiasco in years past. By combining forces with Volkswagen, engineers were able to create an engine from the MAN D26 crankcase that produces up to 475 horsepower and 1,750 lb./ft of torque—with a computer system to run it all.

Only the best modern technology was put into this commercial engine. Because it is designed to get the most uptime possible, the A26 is not only backed up by the standard 2-year warranty, it’s also backed up with the new Customer Uptime Assurance Program. This new program assures each customer a $250 International Advantage Card if the engine breaks down within warranty guidelines and takes longer than 48 hours to fix.

The Design

Most noteworthy is the modern new design.  A recent statement from Navistar says, “Every component is engineered to maximize uptime. Utilizing a titanium compressor wheel with a simplified single-stage design, the A26 features a variable geometry turbocharger that reduces complexity and enhances reliability.”

“The A26 was designed from the ground up to deliver industry-leading uptime, durability and reliability,” said Darren Gosbee, vice president, Advanced Engineering. “The A26 is as simple as a modern engine can be, and we’ve built uptime into every part of the development process, from design to calibration to testing.”

This simple design is in everything. The engine itself is the lightest in its class, allowing for an additional 200 lbs. of weight reduction in vehicle mounted components. How did they do this? While most industrial engines are made from gray iron,  Navistar constructed the Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) out of top-of-the-line materials, making it significantly lighter.

The fuel economy in the A26 is unprecedented with up to 5% more efficient than the previous model. This is made available through the breathability of the engine itself. “The way that the engine breathes through the intake system through the turbo charger, thorough the cylinder head and out through the turbo charger and out through the oxygen system really did improve the fuel efficiency” said Gosbee.

This incredible engine is available in the new LT and RH series that debuted earlier last year. Want to test drive the new engine? Rush into your local RWC Group Store today!