9000 Series

9000 Series

Whether you’re barreling down the highway or polishing up the chrome, one thing’s for certain – the International 9900 will make heads turn. Its classic look combined with advanced design means drivers get a rig that’s dropping jaws without sacrificing style for performance. From its extra-wide sleeper to the wide-track axles for increased maneuverability, you’ll find yourself working comfortably, and efficiently.

International Truck 9900i

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Cuts Through the Wind and Into Your Fuel Bill

The cost of fuel is one of your chief concerns. The International® 9900 may have the classic look, but it’s built for today’s world – and that means fuel efficiency. On the highway, wind resistance can eat as much as 50% of your fuel, which is why the 9900 has been modified to cut down aerodynamic drag by 10% as compared to other classic models. This translates to direct savings, as much as 5% greater fuel economy at highway speeds, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead.

Makes Drivers as Comfortable as They Are Inspired

It’s a long ride, and you should be comfortable during the time spent working. That means a smooth ride, a good place to sit and some room to move around. The International® 9900 has you covered on every front. With a 92″ wide bunk and ample storage space, the 9900 has the widest, roomiest sleeper cab in its class. And with maximized head, belly and leg room for both passenger and driver, you won’t have to stop to stretch out.

Your Signature on Wheels

Nothing grabs attention like the classic long-nose look of the International® 9900. Especially when it’s chromed out from top to bottom—nothing less than a reflection of your bold and independent spirit. From the custom-etched battery box and lower hood panel up to the illuminated sunshade and air cleaners, more than twenty factory-installed chrome accent pieces enhance its timeless appeal. Add to that the reliability you’ve come to expect, and you’ve got the rare combination of good looks and dependability that only a 9900 driver can experience.