Powering up a logging road or powering out of a rock quarry—you want a truck that is ready to take on anything. The International® PayStar® is here to deliver. With an extra-strong single-frame rail, cross-members and the strongest Huck-bolted chassis components, the PayStar frame is the toughest in the industry. Offering 120,000 psi rails, and up to 4.87 million RBMs for a maximum strength-to-weight ratio. Which means pile on the logs, rock, and anything else you want. Just pile it high.

To get the real jobs done, in any environment, call on the most capable truck. That’s where PayStar comes in. Purpose-built from the ground up for on/off-highway severe service applications.

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Maximize Uptime All the Time

Excuses don’t have a place in extreme conditions. Whether you’re moving equipment across an oil field or plowing through three feet of snow one thing is paramount: downtime isn’t an option. That’s why the International® PayStar® comes standard with Huck-bolted chassis components, providing incredible durability and strength. Huck bolts will not loosen or need to be re-torqued, so you won’t be shaken up by anything you run up against.

Ensure Higher Driver Satisfaction

Severe service means powering through the toughest conditions on Earth. That kind of work needs a truck as comfortable as it is commanding. And with the International® PayStar®, you get the comfort features you need in extreme environments. Available tuck and roll interior and classic styling keeps you looking good, while standard Whisper Cab® insulation keeps out the sounds of a raging jackhammer. Add Cab Air suspension to reduce stress and fatigue, and you’ve got a vehicle just as civilized as it is severe.