The International® ProStar® owes much of its success to air. In fact, aerodynamic innovations have put this class 8 truck in a class by itself. A patented, new roof design optimizes slope. Minimized bumper-gap and a lowered hood have created an even more streamlined effect. What these innovations add up to is a 7%* fuel efficiency advantage over any class 8 on the road, conserving 1,400 gallons per truck annually. The result is substantial dollar savings, a SmartWay EPA approval, and one awesome looking ride.

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Re-Writes The Rules of Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is on the mind of every owner in the industry, which means you need a truck that won’t roll over your profits. And since wind resistance can blow as much as 50% of your fuel away, aerodynamics is the only way to stay ahead. The International® ProStar® is proven to be the most fuel-efficient truck on the road, and that means 7%* more fuel-efficient than the nearest competitor.

Reduces Cost of Ownership

Being on the road is all about freedom, but that doesn’t mean you’re not on a tight schedule. Unexpected downtime can reduce profits. The International® ProStar® has been designed with 60 new service innovations, including our Diamond Logic® Electrical System, keeping you well informed of everything happening in your truck, and saving money while doing it.

Go Anywhere, Do Anything

  • Ergonomic steering wheel with built in controls
  • A combination of on- and off-center steering delivers better maneuverability and control
  • Four-point suspension counters sway while automotive-style controls improve handling