The most daunting sites see WorkStar approaching…but there’s just no stopping it. With the broadest range of powertrain combinations, up to 475 hp and 1,700 lb-ft of torque, it’s designed to muscle through the toughest of jobs. The WorkStar continues to offer an above-frame-rail-mounted radiator providing increased protection, integral front frame extensions and uninterrupted access to install a front engine power take-off. Add the communication, control and diagnostic capability of the Diamond Logic® Electrical System and you’ve got one unstoppable force.

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Unrelenting Performance in Unforgiving Places

Out there, conditions are as rigorous as they are unforgiving. Construction jobsites, curbside waste collection and extreme weather demand vehicles that never stop performing. WorkStar is more than tough enough to keep you running. That includes a broad range of powertrain combinations with up to 475 hp and 1,700 lb.-ft of torque. And standard wide-track axles, which provide maximum maneuverability even on the tightest city streets and alleys.

Always Up, Never Backs Down

The environments you work in are uncompromising. That’s why the International® WorkStar® is made to keep you running strong with brains to match its grit. Our Diamond Logic® Electrical System with multiplexed electrical technology saves troubleshooting time and money. Standard Huck-bolted chassis components on frame options including a single 10″, double 10″ and single 12″ offer greater structural integrity. All of which gives a truck that takes no prisoners.

Unbearable Outside, Totally Livable Inside

What a difference the slam of a door makes. The climate improves. Noise stops. Comfort sets in. It starts with a roomy, quiet cab. Add the Diamond Logic Electrical System, which integrates body control functions into the existing switch panel keeping everything well within reach, and you can see why International® WorkStar® delivers driver satisfaction. Standard air suspension cab and available Eagle interior package take the harsh out of hard work. You still have to break rocks, but severe environments hold far less to fear.